Bring history to life for your pupils

We know that the best way to learn history is to walk in the footsteps of those who have come before. Our tried and tested itineraries feature some of the most historically significant locations in Europe, giving your students a window into the past in a way that no text book could ever do. From HMS Belfast to the Bayeux Tapestry, our expert team is experienced in finding the most interesting, relevant and historically-rich sites for your school’s requirements. If you’d like to tailor your own bespoke itinerary, simply get in touch and see what we can do for you.

Normandy 4 Nights

One of our most popular trips Normandy is perfect for getting the most out of your educational experience. Visit places such as Mont St Michel, one of the most important places of medieval pilgrimage and practise your French language skills.

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Cologne 3 nights

A great school trip to this beautiful German city, includes the visit to Lindt Chocolate museum, stunning Cologne Cathedral as well as Germany’s best theme park – Phantasialand.

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Valencia 3 Nights

Your pupils can see the main sights of this wonderful city, visit numerous museums and art galleries, get immersed into the local culture and practice their Spanish language skills.

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Durham and The Normans 1 night

This is a unique opportunity for students studying The Normans. The vast cathedrals of the late 11th and early 12th centuries, colossal in scale by European standards, emphasised the power of the Normans. This trip can help bring the curriculum on the Normans to life!

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Somme 2 Nights

An opportunity for your students to explore the effects of World War One and visit key locations in this region that were affected by this tragic war.

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D-Day Normandy Tour

This tour is a great opportunity for school groups studying D-Day and World War Two to visit some of the sights and visits in this historical area. This trip is perfect for those looking for a knowledgeable historical filled trip.

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Ypres 1 Night

Take pupils to see the trenches, battlefields, memorials and cemeteries of the Great War. School trips to Ypres really do bring the subject to life.

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Krakow & Auschwitz 2 nights

Poland’s second city, Krakow is a popular city to visit for schools and colleges. The trip includes Auschwitz and Wieliczka Salt Mine. Krakow is also the home of one of Europe’s largest market squares.

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World Wars France 2 Nights

This tour gives your students a great chance to visit key areas affected in both the Great War and the Second World War in the Northern France region.

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We have a wide range of different experiences that can be tailor-made for you. There are lots of historical places to visit. Contact one of our experienced Tour Organisers to discuss further options.


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