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United Kingdom

All over the UK there are many fascinating places to visit and experience. Exciting cities, famous land marks, historic places rich in heritage, stunning countryside. Book your school trip in the United Kingdom with confidence.


France is the most visited destination in the world, and offers an endless list of attractions to inspire your students to discover more about the French way of life. The School Travel Company will organise an educational school trip to France suitable to all age groups.


Both countries have a fine mixture of history, art, culture and poignant memorials.


Situated in Central Europe, Germany offers a wealth of Art, History and Culture to help engage your students in the traditions of German life.


Italy, the home of art, opera and pizza. Whether it’s the canals of Venice, the Renaissance of Florence, or the majesty of Rome, Italy has plenty to offer.


Experience cities, vibrant in culture and architecture. Take in the artwork in Madrid or architecture in Barcelona, Spain has something to offer everyone.

Top 10 Day Trips

Get out of the classroom on one of our top 10 Day Trips. We are the experts!

International Schools

Are you an international school looking to bring your students to the UK or continental Europe? We're here to help you organise the perfect trip.

Something Different

Looking for a trip that's out of the ordinary? We have some suggestions that you may not have thought about, from a Kip-on-a-Ship, to BedBugs.