Frequently Asked Questions

School Trip FAQs

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Passports /  EHIC / Non-UK nationals / Foreign Office advice / Our travel insurance policy

Why are your tours so much cheaper than anywhere else?

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Will I be asked for payments on this website?
NO!  You can browse the site and make a booking should you wish – we will NOT ask for any payments through the site.

Can we pay in instalments to make it easier?
Yes of course!  Once first deposits are sent to us, you can send payments whenever you like (as long as final balance is with us 8 weeks before you travel)

What happens to my details?
We ONLY use the details you submit on the site for your booking.  We will NEVER give your details to any other company.

Can I have an executive coach?
Yes of course!  Simply tick the box underneath the prices!

What about safety?

Click here to learn more about our safety credentials.

What meals are included?
All our tours include breakfast and some include dinner too.  See the ‘What’s included’ box.  You can also add in extra meals simply by ticking the box underneath the price panel.

What if my group is bigger / smaller than we originally booked?
If smaller, a small group charge will apply.  If bigger, please just let us know!

Do we get free places for staff?
Absolutely!  You and your colleagues travel free of charge in the ratio 1 adult:10 pupils.

Do you offer discounts?
No, we offer the lowest price right at the very start – no gimmicky discounts!

Are there any supplements?
No – we charge more for smaller groups (but no surprises – we’re happy to tell you up-front what the charge will be) and occasionally for groups travelling a very long distance to their destination (from the far South-west or Scotland for example), but the price we send you on your quotation is the price you’ll pay…guaranteed.

Do you provide educational resource?
Yes – free of charge!  Simply download the ones you’d like from our site links to the places you’ll visit.

Why don’t you include insurance automatically like some other companies?
Because many schools, either direct or through their Local Authority, already have their own insurance – and we don’t think it’s fair that you should pay twice!  We also believe you should have a choice of insurer – we can provide insurance, or you can choose your own.