So, why choose The School Travel Company?

Why choose the School Travel Company? Because we allow busy teachers to book ready-made, great value tours.

How do we keep our prices SO low? It’s quite simple, really:Kids-square-300x300

  • We don’t print expensive brochures, send mass mailings or advertise in the newspapers.
  • All tours are tried and tested so we don’t need a huge team of ‘consultants’ to runeach trip.
  • We let you choose: which meals you want, whether you want an executive coach, etc. We don’t just assume something to bump up the price!
  • We don’t employ reps.
  • We don’t make huge profits on each trip – see the example below and ask yourself, is it fair that my pupils have to pay so much more for the same trip?
  • We send everything by e-mail. Result? Less postage costs (and it’s greener too!)
  • We use the buying power of our parent company to secure the very best deals with coach companies, ferry operators and hotels.


Here’s an example: Normandy for 3 nights – Departing 25 June 2017 – 40 pupils + 4 staff


  • A competitor’ brochure quotes a ‘FROM’ price of £259pp Full Board (they won’t even tell you what it really is!)
  • The School Travel Company on the other hand tells you it’s £224 Full Board
  • Saving £35 per pupil (over £1,400).
  • In the SAME accommodation!

So, if you’re looking for the easiest trip you’ve ever run, at the lowest price anywhere, what are you waiting for? All you have to do is ask for a no-obligation quotation today and see how much YOU could save!