Define Your Trip...

Modern Foreign Languages

Visiting the home of the language that students are studying, immersing themselves in the local culture, will always have a positive effect on their progress. Whether it's simply a cultural trip or one that includes intensive lessons, students will gain so much.

20th Century Conflict

The twentieth century has seen some of the most brutal conflicts in the history of the world. It is important for students to see first hand the impact of these conflicts.


Whether you stay within the U.K. or travel further afield, you will be spoilt for choice for ideas with places visit. There are so many museums, historical sites, buildings and places of interest to around the world, so here are a few suggestions to inspire you!

Art & Design

Art trips offer students the opportunity to see amazing architecture and world class galleries. Art encompasses values and ideas, and shows what the imagination is capable of. Art is the fabric of being human and cuts across all languages racial, cultural, social, educational, and economic groups.


Geography studies are particularly helped by visiting real-life examples of classic geographical features.

English, Drama & Performing Arts

English and performing arts connect students to stories, and teach the valuable tools of communication.


Whether you have a choir, orchestra or band, we can help you create a memorable music trip. Our music tours provide the opportunity for young people to both experience and explore the world of music, and put on concerts in a wide-range of locations and venues across Europe and beyond.

Sports & Technology

Working in close collaboration with leading professional clubs and sports facilities, we can help you organise the perfect trip for your team or teams.

Business Studies

Students can learn about business in a dynamic and stimulating environment, outside of the classroom. Visit the business and financial capitals of the world and visit large factories and manufacturers such as; the B MW motorcycle plant in Berlin, the stock exchange in London, TV tower, China and even Disneyland Paris!

Law & Citizenship

Citizenship covers a wide-ranging aspect of what it means to belong to your country. We have put together a selection of interesting visits to help bring this subject to life.

Science & Technology

Discover! Explore! Investigate! Science does all that and more. Below are a few suggestions on how to broaden scientific learning outside the classroom from zoology to astronomy!

Food & Culture

Food & Culture are perfectly intertwined so whether you are looking for a trip which will help students with their food technology studies or just want to get a flavour of the destination here are a few ideas which may help!

Christmas Markets